3. Falling in path of mortal

            Su Xian has returned to his daily life and began to hunt more and more beasts. One day he was accidentally injured by an demonic lion beast. He has fallen into unconscious after a while a village girl who came on her way saved and carried him to her home and applied some medicine.
            After he gained his consciousness and began to roast the beast. Su Xian ” I don’t know name of miss “. That woman told ” my name was Su Yin. I was born in this forest and it is my home so Sir has seriously injured so I applied some local medicine time you so don’t blame me for doing so “.
             After some time the weather became bad and rain has started to fall in this small hut slowly water came into the house and all materials has spoiled. At that time su xian came to su yin and carried her to village.
             Season has began to change the feelings between su xian and su yin has created like blooming of flowers. To represent his love and sincerity su xian gave small preach tree as gift to su yin.
             On that day whole village has began to celebrate the marriage as festival of there tribe. The tribal people has sincere heart that don’t have any discrimination between themselves.
             Feast was over su xian was sent into bridal chamber. Su yin was sitting on bed. Seeing into face of bride su xian asked ” on that day you saved me I had owed you a debt but don’t know how to repay it. So that reason I took you into my village but I fell in love with you. Even if whole world leaves you I will accompany with you. My love is filled with heart of you if you don’t fear of any thing I don’t fear “.
             Su yin eyes became red she embraced su xian and softly said ” my life I only has seen that forest but I didn’t saw any other places other than it but on the day since I had met you my life was totally changed I can’t believe my emotionless world was filled with greatest colours. In this life my love for you was filled beyond the heavens “.
             Su Xian raised his right hand middle three figures upward and solemnly said ” I Su Xian today makes an oath that to share life and death, luck and misfortune, joy and happiness with Su Yin if I violates this oath asks heavens to bring heavenly tribulation “.
             Su Yin said ” I Su Yin today makes oath that I and my heart was entirely belongs to Su Xian I am willing to share his misfortune and death “.
             Su Xian said ” why you said so”.
             Su yin said with smile ” you and me are wife and husband I depends you in this world”.
             Time is passing the village is slowly welcomed new generations and old people began weak and some old people died due to illness. Su Xian became new chief of Black devil village. He taught new techniques of hunting beast.
             At the season of spring he and su yin has given birth to a child. It was a male. The whole village celebrated his birth with a big feast. At night all village has fallen into sleep while in su xian’s room suddenly a void corridor has opened without any hesitation su xian jumped into it.
             Around scenery began to change a small palace he has arrived there was an gorgeous woman was sitting in high throne. While she slowly opened her starry eyes and said ” When are you entering into path of cultivation. You son has divine body. You must ensure him safety in this cruel cultivation world”.
             Su Xian bowed to Chaos Sprit said ” My parents has abandoned me and I was living as a mortal. I don’t want to bring shame to them I would like to die as a mortal. Don’t worry after my death this world belongs to my son so gidue him in path of cultivation”.
             Chaos Sprit said with an wave of anger ” Your talent is great while compared to your son. Your bloodline has not truly awakened. So don’t regret this in future “.
             Su Xian arrived to his room and slept like as usual. Time flowed like an river slowly ten years has passed. All of sudden su yin has got an strange illness. Her body became cold and her around place also has effected.
             One day a woman with blue robes has landed from sky. All villagers including su xian bowed to her. While her eyes was fixed in su yin and her child. She said ” child you have ice goddess divine body and your son have holy divine body join in my sect I will tech you how to control your power and makes immortal “.
             But su yin said ” my husband also have talent let him also join in your sect “.
             Blue woman said ” Your husband has no spiritual root even true immortal comes he can’t save him. I will give you a pill to raise his life span for 100 years “.
             Su yin with great difficulty said ” tomorrow at same time you will come and pick up me “.
             At night all village was in great joy but su xian has no joy in his hut su yin and his child su yang sitting.
             Su Xian said ” don’t go with that woman. Let’s run away from village and settles in forest. We can live in peace”.
             But su yin said ” we got chance to gain immortality we need to go with her and we can see many of wonders in cultivation “. Su Xian seeing his son and wife to become selfish he can only do so.
             Next morning blue lady has taken su yin and su yang. She gave green pill to su xian and vanished from village.

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